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Contact Kelz to set up your free trial (845)835-8230 No Walk ins, Appointments only please. Thank you.

Our gym is a Collective of only effective and non BS martial arts. Our instructors are all skilled in what they are teaching. This is the place to train whether you are looking to compete, stay fit or learn self defense. We are family owned and provide a safe training space for everyone from beginner to advanced. Come try us out!!



We are a Martial Arts academy that offers classes for ages 4 and up. We also have fitness classes for Women.

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We have different packages offered depending on what you are looking for. We also offer Family, Student, Military and Law Enforcement discounts.

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Services & Schedule

Birthday Parties and Summer Camp

We do Birthday parties and Summer camp for kids 4 and up

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Certain gear is required depending on what classes you take.

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Print out and fill out our waiver before you come in

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New Schedule, Subject to change.

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Our Instructors

Tom Clare

Head instructor/ Co-Owner

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu first degree Black belt under 5th degree Black Belt professor Luigi Mondelli of America Top Team Danbury CT. Judo Brown Belt Coach Tom has over 13 years of Striking/MMA experience He has been training Martial arts for over 13 years

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Kelz Kirker

Head female instructor/Co-Owner/Co-Kids instructor

Four stripe purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Strong by Zumba instructor Has been training MMA, Submission grappling, Wrestling, Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 8 years. Kelz is a huge part of our kids program especially our Mini Warriors.

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Nicholas Carelli

Judo Instructor

Judo Black Belt and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt Sensei Nick received his Black belt in Judo in 2009 but has been training Judo since 1992. Sensei Nick also received his brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2018 under Professor Tom Clare. Sensei Nick has been training Jiu Jitsu since 2008.

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Tom Finch

Boxing Coach

14 years of Boxing experience Coach Finch has been boxing for over 14 years and was trained by WBC super light weight champion Billy Costello. Coach Finch has had approximately 20 or so fights between MMA and Boxing and has been wrestling since 5th grade. Coach Finch has also been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on and off for 10 years and is currently a Blue Belt under Professor Tom Clare.

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Kaare Stokdal

Wrestling Instructor

Kaare has 18 years of wrestling experience. Kaare has 134 wins total and his senior record is 49-6. Karre is also a state medal winner as well as former kingston wrestling coach.

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Raphael Dijk

Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Coach Raph has been training martial arts since 2005. Raph received his Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2019 under 5th degree Black Belt Professor Luigi Mondelli of American Top Team Danbury CT. Coach Raph has competed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling for 13 years. Come take a class from Coach Raph, he loves coaching and it really shows :)


NO KIDS class Thursday 07/22/2021 Thank you :) 

Don't miss the amazing Jeff Glover for a Nogi seminar on Sunday June 6, 2021. Message us to reserve your spot!!

We are currently accepting new students but spots are almost full.

Send us a message to find out about what classes we offer. We have something for everyone :)

The class of 2020 Seniors at RED HOOK HS can come train with us for FREE with online classes now and then when we re-open they get 1 month of FREE unlimited classes plus a discount for those that want to sign up after the 1 months is up. We are sorry your graduation year got interrupted and we would like to give you this as a gift for all the hard work you put in to graduate.

We were able to raise over $1000 for Alex's Lemonade stand for Tap Cancer out. Thank you everyone for all your help!!!!!

A Collective View


Why take someone else’s word?? Wouldn’t you rather find things out for yourself?? Wouldn’t you rather explore and feel things for yourself?? Why, as a society, are we so hesitant to try new things?? Why must we wait until we know 56 other people that have done it first before we give it a go??!!

 You will not experience all the great things the world has to offer if you constantly say no. Try saying yes for a change and see what happens. If you had a horrible experience trying one thing so what?? Honestly, will that ruin your life?? No matter how many times we encounter failure, the important thing is that you learn from your own mistakes and triumphs. Never stop trying!! 

Get more comfortable with trusting in yourself to make the right choices.  Have you ever noticed that when you doubt yourself that is usually when the wrong choices are made?? You should really know yourself better than anyone else. If you don’t, then learn about you and what you like. Be honest with yourself. This is something I feel that we are all guilty of, me included. As a whole we should go see that movie solo or go take that class you have wanted to take. No one is stopping you other than you. 

You need to do what will make you happy and in return your mind and body will be healthier and happier. Your health is not only important for you, but also important for all those around you. We affect others around us all the time. If you are angry and yell at someone, they get absorb that negativity and then pass it to the next person they come in contact with. However, if you are happy and smiling, that person you smiled at is now smiling to others.  If you won’t do it for yourself, then at least do it for those around you.

Now that all that has been said, go out there and try something new!!  For example you could try taking a super awesome Martial Arts class, I happen to know a good place ;)

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Our views on all different things relating to mixed martial arts including Jiu Jitsu, Judo, wrestling, MMA, Boxing and more :)

I talk to many people a day telling me how they are thinking about starting a Martial Art and I always have the same reaction......"Fantastic, I think that is a great idea!!" Then when i start talking to them more about which one they are interested in and when they want to come in to try a class I usually get the same reactions from them....."Well.....I think I need to get in shape first so I am going to start working out and then come and try a class." Working out is great and always a good idea to get yourself healthier but here is the problem with that. No amount of exercise will ever get you ready for Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Striking or Wrestling because the only thing that helps to get you in shape for those martial arts are the conditioning and drills you do for them specifically. I have seen it time and time again where a super in shape person has come in to try class, they are a runner or a body builder etc... and they are dying 30 seconds in to the warm ups thinking that their cardio is so good that this will be easy.....NOPE lol and that is completely fine because you are here to learn a specific kind of training that you cannot do unless you train it. That being said, most places have a trial class whether it be a trial for one class, a week of classes or maybe even a month of classes, so take advantage of that. Try all the different martial arts out and see what fits your life style. As a gym owner I can say that I would rather you be happy with your choice and see you grow and get better every day then picking something you don't really care for and then we don't see you again. I love building a team of different personalities and watching people that used to be timid get confidence in them especially in our kids program. These types of martial arts are not for everyone and I get that, but it is so awesome to see that a student with ADHD can learn how to focus and channel their energy into bettering their selves and their training partners. I love seeing that students that were once shy, are now making friends and being goofy because they have a new found confidence that they can now take into the other parts of their lives. Martial arts can be such a great tool for anyone to add to their toolbox but it absolutely works better if you know what you are looking to learn from it. You could want to learn self-defense techniques, you may just want to have fun and lose some weight or maybe you want to relieve anger by punching or kicking something and then you can go from there. Bottom line is make no excuses just get in to your local martial arts place and take advantage of their trial before making a decision. Also you may want to talk to the owners because they are another good tool in helping you figure out what may be a good fit for you. We, as gym owners, are here to help you and if you find the right place it should be easy to get your foot in the door.

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We are family owned and pride ourselves in having a welcoming academy to train at. We offer classes for kids 4 and up, Adults and Fitness for women as well.