Rian Kirker
Wrestling Coach/Kids co-instructor

Rian is a College Wrestler with over 100 Varsity wins in his HS career. Rian is also a 2x All American wrestler and he a Fargo qualifier in his Junior year. Rian was on Varsity wrestling for over 5 years and has trained Jiu Jitsu for over 11 years. Rian is a beast when it comes to putting wrestling and Jiu Jitsu together. Rian is currently continuing his wrestling journey with Utica university while he is getting his degree to continue to coach after college.

Rian has been co coaching the kids classes for 4 years. Rian has a love for training and continuously bettering himself and growing in all areas of Martial arts. Rian has a training ethnic that you can not teach and he loves helping other students better themselves as well. Rian teaches wrestling every week and offers wrestling privates for kids 8-20. Rian went to states in Varsity wrestling as a freshman for the first time and again in his Senior year after making it to sections in 8th, 9th, (No 10th grade season due to Covid) 11th and 12th grade. Rian is also a 2x State placer, National Qualifier and many other tournaments medals. Rian also holds numerous gold medals in grappling. Rian is a straight beast and the kids love learning from him as well as watching him compete.